The field known as Seabanks lies into a stunning stretch of coastline which is protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The dunes at Buston are home to a diverse range of grasses, plants, butterflies and moths and we try to extend this biodiversity into the farm.

The farm works closely with an Environmental Adviser and has undertaken a number of initiatives including hedge reinstatement, tree-planting, floristically-enhanced field margins and, to help with the hunger gap facing our bees, rotational phacelia.

Over the past decade we’ve been fortunate to have an apiary on each of our farms and I’ve recently taken up the hobby. A recent bee count at one of the apiaries estimated we have 300,000 bees enjoying the rapeseed, phacelia, vetch and bean crops.

 The honey produced when the hives are located close to the phacelia is amazing. We grow winter bird food in our field margins – sunflowers as far as the eye can see and very pretty Ox-eye daisies.


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