There’s nothing quick about producing cold-pressed rapeseed oil. As farmers, every crop we plant is a gamble – will it germinate, will we get the right weather to enable growth, will it be attacked by insects or feathered-friends, will it ripen, will we get a decent weather window to harvest it?

We plant the crop in early August, using seeds that we have harvested from the previous year’s crop (known as home-save). The plant is through the ground within a week and it is looked after until harvested twelve and a half months later in August.

As soon as the crop is ready and moisture levels are within a tolerable range the combine harvesters set to work. Below is some footage taken from Harvest 2021.

Once the combines have done their bit, we set about ‘dressing’ the rapeseed which means we separate all the chaff from the crop which leaves just the little black seeds.

The seeds are then slowly pressed in small batches and the oil is left to settle before we gently filter it to remove any impurities. No heat or chemicals are used in the process just a rudimentary metal screw. We then bottle it by hand. The whole process is done on the farm which we feel helps with traceability and quality control.

The bi-product from the pressing, known as the cake, has tremendous nutritional value and this is sold to our friends at Morwick Dairy to feed their herd of award-winning cows to make the best ice-cream.


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