SUSTAINABILITY – practising environmentally responsible farming

Generations of the Park family have farmed on this area of coastal plain and we want to ensure that future generations of the family can enjoy farming it too which is one reason why in 2015 we joined LEAF Marque a leading global assurance scheme recognising more sustainable farming practices. Each year we go through a rigorous audit looking at all aspects of farming from soil health, carbon emissions, water usage and much more. We believe what we do enriches our tiny section of Northumberland.

We use the LEAF Marque logo on our labels to try to help raise awareness of more sustainable farming practices.

As part of our crop rotation we grow a number of cover crops (also known as green manure) which, amongst other things, fix additional nitrogen into the soil and decrease our dependence on artificial fertilisers.

In encouraging local customers to come to the farm for refills, Seabanks is trying to do its bit for the environment too. It is essentially a zero-waste business with the bi-product of the cold-pressing process being used as animal feed. Our trade customers have the option of having their 5L plastic cans refilled too and our glass bottles, pourers and caps can be hand-washed or put in a dishwasher and used again. Seabanks supplies a number of refill shops – please get in touch if you’d like to know where your nearest one is.


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