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Seabanks is an award-winning British artisan rapeseed oil. It takes its name from the most easterly field on our farm which nestles into the sand dunes on the magnificent Northumberland coast.

Seabanks oil is, in its simplest form, bottled sunshine. We can’t claim to be the sunniest part of the UK but when the sun shines on the crops nature creates something magical – sustainable plant power at its best. The oil from the rapeseed plant is a healthy oil – it has half the saturated fat of olive oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil and it is so versatile to cook and bake with.

Our oil is made in small batches and every part of the process takes place on the family farm which helps with quality control, traceability and those all-important food miles.

The farm has been LEAF Marque certified since 2015 meaning we endeavour to farm in the most environmentally sustainable way we can. The farm is also a member of the Red Tractor Scheme.

Great Taste Award

Guild of Fine Food judges commented –

A bright saffron yellow oil with shine. Light green pea notes on the nose which follow through gently on the palate. This is a delicately flavoured rapeseed with soft buttery notes of broad beans and asparagus. We can see this drizzled onto leaves and would do well in a mayonnaise. No bitter aftertaste – a lovely smooth finish.



Indulge in this everyday culinary luxury and treat yourself to a bottle of our award-winning artisan oil



Compared to other oils, rapeseed oil is considered to be a healthy oil.


Seabanks’ high smoke point (around 220 °C) and delicious taste makes it perfect to cook and bake with. Take a look at our recipe page for some ideas and inspiration.  

What the chefs say

‘Our main focus is using the highest quality ingredients supporting and utilising local supplies – from potatoes for our chips, Seabanks rapeseed oil to serve with balsamic vinegar on our bread boards to the huge variety of fish and shellfish that we get landed by the boats to our kitchen door…’
Darryl Duffy, head Chef at the Old Boathouse, Amble

‘Beautiful colour, awesome flavour profile with light nutty overtones’
Kieran Irvin, chef at The Angel, Corbridge

‘Here at Market Cross Guest House our ethos is to use as much local produce as we can. So when I came across Seabanks oil I was really keen to try it. We have always used rapeseed oil for its great health benefits, high in Omega 3 and lower in saturated fats and the benefit of being able to heat it to a higher temperature without burning. We use it in all our every day cooking like frying eggs and mushrooms for breakfast. I always use a fat in our homemade bread so it’s vegan friendly and Seabanks has proved to add flavour and help keep a loaf fresher for longer. I am also really impressed with the favour of the oil in dressings, lots of warm nutty tones and a beautiful colour. A firm favourite at Market Cross’.
Market Cross Guest House, Belford. Winner of North East Tourism Awards B&B Guest House of the Year 2022.